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Your Professional Five Star Dance Team

Our team is comprised of the most passionate and experienced individuals that are committed to the core principles of our organization.


London Parker started dancing in the 90’s along with MTV; memorizing all of the dance routines on television. He was introduced to ballroom by a couple chaperoning at prom and was instantly hooked. He has now been dancing more than 20 years and teaching with Five Star for the past 12. His biggest point of pride is watching his students’ lives transform into something more.

Jeff Baker has been dancing ballroom since high school. He ventured away from ballroom and found clogging in his 20’s, where he dabbled in teaching. He reclaimed his passion for ballroom 15 years ago when he found himself teaching. He has been with Five Star since the beginning, and quickly advanced to becoming a new student specialist as well as an instructor to advanced students. He has taken students to many competitions including some in Las Vegas, Nevada, and Nashville, Tennessee. He also competed in a pro competition in Windsor, Canada. Along his journey with Five Star, he has become an admissions director where he enjoys helping students achieve their goals through dancing.

Marissa’s greatest joy is letting loose on the dance floor no matter the situation. It was no surprise she found herself training in ballroom- where she began teaching in 2016. Her career highlight thus far was competing pro am in Las Vegas in 2018. She works primarily with beginner level students building their foundation of dance; an endeavor she relishes. Incredibly dedicated to helping others; she has a patience and resilience that is unmatched.

Amanda Cast has danced all of her life and stumbled her way into the ballroom world in 2003, where she found her true passion for teaching. She teaches any and everyone, from newcomers to advanced students. She has even taken students all the way to Copenhagen, Denmark to compete. She loves teaching couples and reigniting the passion in their relationships through dance. Her favorite thing about teaching is being able to help her students to achieve goals that they never thought they could.

Paul always been an artist. He has been dancing jazz, ballet, tap, folk dancing, and swing since age eight. He began studying ballroom in college, focusing on international Latin and Standard, and subsequently competing for several years in Latin. He started teaching 6 years ago as a professional and has competed in both rhythm and smooth.

His dedication to the craft is apparent in everything he does as he is constantly working to perfect his art. This dedication extends to his students- as he thoroughly enjoys helping them achieve their goals and be the best they can be.

Nicole MesserBi began her ballroom dance journey in 2006. She has since become a revered professional and dance director at our studios. She has competed professionally and pro-am and performed in more than 200 routines since the start of her career. She works with established students; focusing on clean lines, technique, performance and personality.

Mason Francis started dancing modern, contemporary, and hip-hop when he was 14 years old. During his formative years he fell in love with showmen such as Justin Timberlake, Michael Jackson, and Omarion. Dancing in show choir and the local dance club he honed his craft in the hopes he could speak through movement like these artists do. From 2013 – 2017 he performed at local clubs as a back-up dancer and choreographer for local talent. In February 2017 he wanted more from his dancing and found Five Star Dance Studios. Mason loves welcoming new students to the world of dance, as it is a universal language that everyone can relate to.

Mike Miceli has been teaching ballroom since the 1970’s and has been with Five Star since the beginning. Some of his passions include: creating routines that encourage fun and interactive performances, teaching social dance, and helping other teachers with choreography. From beginners to already established students, he enjoys teaching everyone, but most of all, he loves helping people find themselves through dance.

Matthew Moore has been dancing since 2007. He started out country line dancing but fell in love with the beauty of ballroom in 2016 when he became a student at Five Star. For a little over year, he attended private lessons, group classes, and parties at all three studios. In 2017, he decided to combine his passion and career by becoming an instructor. Now, he shares his love and passion with each and every one of his students and never without a smile on his face… unless he’s dancing Tango!