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Wedding Dance Packages

As the premiere wedding dance experts for over 45 years, we make sure that your wedding dance is a moment that you both will cherish for a lifetime. Whether it is choreography for your first dance as a couple, that endearing moment a parent shares with their child, or even just a crash course on social dancing to enjoy during the reception and beyond. We will make all of your dreams come true here at Five Star Dance Studios, home of Indy’s best wedding dance lessons! Our wedding dance programs are designed and customized to fit each and every one of your needs.

We offer a complimentary consultation during your first lesson, as well as specialized wedding packages for any goal you have in mind! During your first lesson, our certified dance instructors will listen to your song or a selection of songs you are considering for your first dance. Don’t worry if you aren't sure what song you want to dance to yet, our highly trained instructors are here to help you every step of the way! 

Wedding couple dancing
Wedding Couple Dancing

A Promise, A Kiss and A Dance

This package is ideal for when your big day is just a few weeks away. With a just a few lessons we can help your day become even more special with a couple steps to the song of your choice. Our wedding dance experts will help make sure you're on tempo and doing a bit more than just the 8th grade sway.

Your Day, Your Dance, Your Devotion

This package is perfect for the couple that wants a basic and choreographed dance to the perfect song. It's geared to make you feel comfortable and confident on the dance floor on your big day. Having a choreographed dance adds style for each partner and enough time to practice so that you'll have nothing to worry about during your first dance. 

A Ring to ask, a Vow to Keep, a Dance to Remember

Our grandest wedding dance package is geared to make you feel extremely confident on the dance floor on your big day and even wow your guests with your new found dance skills. With any package, we are going to show you grace and poise, but with this package, we will work more on polishing up the perfect routine for your wedding day. This is the perfect package to combine a choreographed wedding dance and to get your social dancing up to par for your reception. Feel great and look amazing with this heavily tailored wedding dance program that will help you dance the night away.

Dancing Salsa

Let's Work Together

Ready to book your first lesson in preparation for your wedding?

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