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Here at Five Star Dance Studios, we say that the hardest steps you ever have to take are the first ones through the door. Listed below are some frequently asked questions that we get from our new students that hopefully will help make your first steps just a little bit easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I get started?

Just ask the question and your first lesson is on us! We offer a complimentary 30 minute dance lesson for you to come in and “try us out”. You’ll get to experience a 1 on 1 private lesson with one of our instructors in the dance(s) of your choice. All we need is your preferred date and time to book your first lesson!

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What should I wear?

Wear something comfortable that won't restrict movement. Some of our students come straight from work, some dress casual, and some are dressed up for their date night, and  sometimes we even have themed parties and days! Of course, comfortable shoes are always recommended! We suggest leather-soled shoes or dress shoes that don't have a rubber sole. We also recommend shoes with a back so that you don't slip out of your shoes!

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Do I Need a Partner?

Not at all. We teach both singles and couples here at Five Star Dance Studios. If you come in as one of our single students, your instructor will be your partner for your private lessons, and our group and practice sessions will provide plenty of opportunity to meet other students with the same interests and goals.

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Why should I dance at Five Star Dance Studios?

Five Star Dance Studios has been providing world class dance instruction in Indianapolis. We teach every level of dancer from “I can’t dance” to competitive coaching. Our staff is made up of knowledgeable and certified instructors that undergo constant training with internationally renowned dancers with numerous titles.

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Do I need previous experience?

Absolutely not. Our instructors are highly qualified, work with all skill levels and participate in ongoing training. In addition, our progressive system of dance instruction and our unique trophy system make it easy to learn. Though it will take time to learn the various dances and a full repertoire of steps, the learning is easy and fun with no experience required!

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What is a Private Lesson?

Private lessons consist of one student or a couple working with one or two instructors. Private instruction is tailored to your personal needs so you can learn at your own pace. One common misconception about private lessons is that they take place in seclusion. On the contrary, multiple private lessons are often going on at the same time in our ballroom. Our students have found that learning in this environment gives them an advantage in social dance settings.

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Do you offer Group Classes?

Our group classes are designed to be taken in addition to your private lessons, and consist of several students learning from one instructor. Group classes offer a wide variety of dances and topics to better your technique, physical fitness, and understanding of ballroom dance. All levels of students have the opportunity to participate and group classes are built into all of our customized programs. Group Classes will happen multiple times a week and can always be found on your studio's monthly calendar!

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What is a Practice Party?

Our practice parties take place in the studio once a week to prepare you for dancing socially. They allow you to apply material learned in your lessons without the pressure of the public eye upon you. Our students attend to have fun, learn, and dance! At our practice parties, we dim the lights, supply the music, and have a fabulous time in a party-like atmosphere. Students have the opportunity to dance with and meet other students, as well as the other instructors.

Ready to Learn More or Book your First Lesson?

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