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Celebrating 40+ years of dance instruction!

If you are looking for the best adult couples-touch / ballroom dance instruction school in Indianapolis.. Look no further. Five Star Dance Studios is the largest adult dance studio in the Midwest and, having been established over forty years ago, we continue to provide quality dance lessons for dancers of all levels.


Prepare for your Wedding!

The big day is coming. Are you prepared?

Traditional wedding dances are far too important to stumble through. Dance lessons now will give you full confidence on the day of show.

Guests will benefit from lessons as well because we all know that there is no shortage of dance at the reception!


Dance Programs That Meet Your Needs!

Being the largest dance studio in the Greater Indianapolis area and Midwest, we have the ability to meet everyone’s needs. From the very basic and beginner to competitive dancing. Don’t worry about the fine details, let us show you the wonderful world of dance. We’re confident that you will find it an enjoyable and fun experience!

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