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Best Ballroom Dance Lessons & Ballroom Latin Dancing
in Indianapolis

Indy Five Star Dance Studios offers professional, modern adult ballroom dance lessons and programs at three convenient Indianapolis, Carmel and Fishers locations. We are proud to provide the best ballroom dance lessons taught by top certified instructors for over 45 years! We are so confident in our dance lessons and certified instructors that we offer a complimentary dance lesson – risk free!

What are you waiting for!
Book your free, no obligation dance lesson today!

Do I need a partner?
Not at all. We teach both singles and couples here at Five Star Dance Studios. If you come in as one of our single students, your instructor will be your partner for your private lessons, and our group and practice sessions will provide plenty of opportunity to meet other students with the same interests and goals.

To be the “Number One” provider of excellence in the instruction of Social & Competitive Ballroom Dance in the USA,
and for every single one of our students to feel they have achieved and exceeded
whatever goals they have set themselves!

To give quality professional instruction with 100% commitment to each student
regardless of whether they are beginners or experienced dancers.

To introduce our students to the benefits and delights of social
and to give them an experience that is challenging but rewarding, productive but joyful and memorable.
Each student is special; each student's needs are unique -
we aim to thoroughly assess the interests, prior experience and future goals
of each individual to be able to successfully address his/her specific needs and objectives

To make Ballroom Dance a Lifestyle choice they will never regret!

Make learning productive and enjoyable for all students

To act with the utmost respect and integrity towards all of our clients
Commitment to excellence

The Benefits of Dancing

There are so many wonderful benefits that ballroom dancing can provide. Students are enjoying benefits on their dance lessons and in their everyday lives. Many singles and couples find that dancing has created more romance for them, while others are excited about all the health benefits that they are getting. Most importantly our students simply enjoy how great and confident they look and feel when going out on the social dance floor.

People learn to dance for many reasons, which vary with each individual. Scientists are starting to find what dancers have always known, that dancing keeps one mentally and physically fit – and the sooner you begin the sooner you will benefit!!

While developing your ballroom dancing skills you should not be surprised if you:

Improved Social Skills
Increased Self Confidence
Sense of Achievement
Fun and Enjoyment
Quality Time with Your Partner
Become Happier
Conversation topic
Enjoy More Parties & Events
Self Improvement
Meet New People
Make New Friends
New Hobby
Performance Opportunity
Means of Expression
Stress Relief
Improved Health
Improved Cognitive Functions
Admiration from Others

….And More!

Celebrating 40+ Years of Indiana's Best Ballroom Dance Lessons & Instruction!

If you are looking for the best adult couples-touch / ballroom dance instruction school in Indianapolis… Look no further. Five Star Dance Studios is the largest adult dance studio in the Midwest and, having been established over forty years ago, we continue to provide the best dance lessons for dancers of all levels.

Dancing is one of the best types of physical exercise. Thanks to popular videos and television shows such as ABC TV Dancing with the Stars, dancing is more popular than ever! In our studios, you too can learn to dance like the stars!

Results ensure that YOU are the winner! Whether you're a beginner looking for a hobby, that smart partner that decided to give dance lessons as a gift, or a seasoned dancer training for a competition. We're your best choice for all types of Classical and American variations of Ballroom, Latin, Swing, Line and Country Western Dance Lessons in Indianapolis, Carmel, Fishers and the surrounding areas.

Five Star offers intensive adult dance lesson programs tailored to improve not only your dancing abilities, but to also develop socialization and cooperation skills.

We don't just focus on how well you execute your routine; we also teach you how to become a dancer with positive attitude who enjoys a new dynamic lifestyle. We even hold our own social events, parties and dance competitions to keep you in the game! What are you waiting for? Schedule Indy's Best Ballroom Dance Lessons today!
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