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The Ultimate Classic Survival Guide

February 23, 2021

The new year means new opportunity; Opportunity to do something out of your comfort zone, opportunity to challenge yourself, and opportunity grow into the person and dancer you long to be. So, if you haven’t participated in Classic before, this March, you have the opportunity to!

But, what IS Classic?

Classic is a semi-annual all-day dance event, organized by Indiana’s Premiere Ballroom Dance Studio. Classic is designed to be an opportunity for students and teachers to share their dancing progress with invited family, friends, and one another. While Classic is a competition style event, you and your spouse, dance partner, or instructor will be sharing the floor and dancing alongside other Five Star students. They’ll be dancing the same dance as you and competing against you. As nerve wrecking as that might sound, you’re mostly competing against yourself and the medalist standard you’re entered in.

There are TONS of benefits that Classic provides to both you and your dancing!

One benefit is the feeling of community from other Five Star students and instructors. It is always fantastic to be around other people that do what you do. It helps to see where you can go with hard work and dedication, and also helps you to remember where you came from and all the progress you’ve made! Being around people who seem more experienced than you can be intimidating, but it’s only going to help you grow and push you to become a better dancer. You’ll also have the opportunity to talk to other students who share the love of dance and to get tips that’ll help your dancing and help you reach your goals faster.

If you’ve never done Classic, or any competition, you may be surprised to find out how FUN it is! Even though there is a judge, you’ll be out on the floor with other people who love to dance doing just that… Dancing! No routine, no pressure. Just fun! The judging aspect sounds intimidating, but remember, you’ll be competing against yourself and just getting out there is a victory! If you’ve competed before, getting a higher score than last time, or competing in a higher category is a success too! It’s not all about winning, and personal improvement is the true victory anyway.

Pushing yourself to try something new will also help you in your private lessons. It will give you more confidence and help you realize that you can do so many things you didn’t think you could! During preparation for Classic, your instructor may also push you in the studio to try a new dance you’ve been afraid of. (You might even end up falling in love with it after giving it a shot.) The extra preparation could even help you finally master that move that you just can’t seem to nail.

But I’ve Never Done This Before!

Don’t Worry! We’re here to help you through that part!

The Classic deadline is coming up fast, and signing up as soon as possible will not only give you time to prepare, but also help you avoid late fees. Just see your instructor and tell them you’re ready to sign up for Classic. They’ll be able to personally recommend a certain number of entries and what dances to sign up for, but if you have a new dance you want to try, this might be the time and place to start learning! Classic is held at the Ritz Charles in Carmel and the doors open at 10am. You’ll want to get there early (especially if it’s your first time dancing at Classic) because dance floor is open for you to practice and warm-up. You can plan to be there all day, so make sure to get a good night’s sleep and be ready for a fun-filled day! Professional dance performances occur during our dinner portion, so it’s a fun time you won’t want to miss!

Not Sure What to Wear?

No one should feel pressured to spend a lot of money on outfits or dresses. We just want you comfortable in each outfit you wear that day. Some women may be wearing fancy ballroom gowns, and some men may be wearing flashy Latin shirts, but it’s because they really want to!

For Ladies, Smooth dresses are typically long or floor-length to highlight the grace and poise you’ll demonstrate moving around the floor. Rhythm dances are typically danced in shorter dresses to show off that Cuban Motion you’ve been working on. You can think short and sexy!

For Gentlemen, you’ll want to stick with black dress pants, and a white or black shirt with a black vest for Smooth. Preferably, you’ll wear a neck or bow tie. (We don’t recommend jackets, as they tend to bunch up when you take your dance position.) For Rhythm, keep it simple! Just remove the vest and tie and you’re ready to go! However, feel free to wear a flashy Latin shirt if that’s your style!

* Remember to pack dance shoes, a change of outfit, a hairbrush and hairstyling tools, makeup, safety pins, extra socks and ties, and money for our cash bar if you feel like relaxing with a drink after your heats are done! *

You’re Going To Do Great!

Setting a goal and achieving it is one of the best parts of Classic! Mentality is one of the main keys to success. Know that you are more than capable to achieve your goals and you’re already half-way there by setting them! So, what’s stopping you? Most of the time it’s fear, but what are you afraid of? Your muscles know what you’ve taught them, so don’t overthink things, and your Five Star family is ALWAYS here to cheer you on and support you. Your friends will be there, and be just as nervous as you are. So, take a deep breath, push that fear away, and know that a little courage goes a long way.

Get to Classic March 14th and achieve your goals this year!

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