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Swing Dance Lessons

Nothing spells ballroom quite like Swing. This unique dance craze swept the country in the 1930s and is now enjoyed all around the world. Uniquely American, the Swing style came with the birth of “swing music.” This dynamic dance is composed of a side step, shuffle, and a rock step literally anyone can learn. You can be a lively young girl or a mature man in your sixties and we can teach you to Swing with the beat. Our certified dance instructors are here to provide you the highest quality swing dance lessons in the Indianapolis Area.

Swing dancing in Indianapolis is as alive and kicking as all other American ballroom dances. With its easy 4/4 or 2/4 tempo, dancers of all ages can enjoy the beat and move with the music. Prepare a swing number on your big day, impress your friends on the dance floor, or use this as a new form of exercise. Learn from the pros, swing with the experts, or meet other beginners right in our dance studios.

Few routines are as fun to learn, dance to and experience with a partner than Swing. Move, laugh, and smile with your significant other during a private tutorial or you can also attend groups to meet new friends. We can also set up private group instructions with one of our renowned dance experts. Whatever ballroom dance you require, we have all of them right here.

Learn this All-American dance with the help of Five Star Dance Studios. We have famously large studios able to accommodate from large groups to private tutorials. Whether you’re a dance enthusiast or a casual fan of ballroom, Swing is a must-know technique everyone should learn.

We have studios in convenient locations all around Indianapolis. Swing dance lessons has never been more fun, dynamic, and easy to learn than when you sign up with us. If there’s one ballroom dance you can do anywhere, anytime, and to the beat of any music, it’s Swing. Call us for reservations and get Swinging!

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