Student Testimonials

What are our students saying?

Student Testimonials

Betsy DuSold

“I have enjoyed my Five Star dancing so much! The instructors are great and really work with each person individually. I am having even more fun now that I have convinced my husband to join me!! He was very skeptical, but once he got started he found he was enjoying it and has progressed very quickly. It is so fun to dance together :)”

Cindy McVay

“I’m so glad I found Five Star. My instructors are amazing and patient. I have not only learned to dance but I have learned so much about myself. Love my Five Star family!”

Introductory Dance Program

Jim and Louanne Davis

“We have been dancing at Five Star for 7 1/2 years and all of our instructors have been excellent. In addition, the studio arranges coachings with outside instructors who offer a fresh perspective and reinforce what our regular instructors have taught us.”

Debbie Simmons

“Dancing is my ‘Happy Hour’… Nothing lifts your spirit and your body as much as learning a new dance step. No partner? – No problem, there is always someone ready and waiting to dance at their weekly parties. There is no excuse for being bored – get out and dance!”

Justin Davis

“In just a year and a half, I went from not knowing anything about dancing AT ALL to being able to jump in anywhere to almost any dance. The instructors are both competent and personable. My favorite part is the wonderful community of students that are so welcoming and encouraging.”