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Salsa Dance Lessons

One fun dance to learn is the Salsa. Rich in history and having numerous influences across cultures, it's one of the more popular types of dance in our studios. This exciting dance is a mix of other dances like the Son Montuno, Son, Rumba, Plena, Merengue, Mambo, Guaracha, Guaguancó, Guajira, Festejo, Danzón, Cumbia, Cubop, Charanga, Cha-Cha, Bomba, and more—it's like learning multiple dances all in one routine! Our certified dance instructors are here to provide you the highest quality salsa dance lessons.

Originally from Cuba, learning salsa dancing in Indianapolis is easy with our help. Our studios are complete with top instructors ready to teach you this dance the right way. For anyone looking for an easy and fast-paced dance type to learn, look no further than salsa. Considered a need-to-know dance type in the ballroom community, be one with the pros and take lessons to learn this fun and exciting routine.

Our doors are open for anyone wanting to learn the art of salsa dancing. Our studios are located in prime and accessible areas. Whether you're downtown, in Greenwood, Broad Ripple, or anywhere else, you can find a Five Star Dance Studio for your salsa dance lessons.

Whether you're hoping to discover a new talent, wanting a fun way to exercise, or just an activity to get your heart pumping, try salsa dancing and learn it from us! If salsa's not your cup of tea, we have other ballroom dances for you to learn. Indiana is the best place for dancers in the Midwest and we're the best school for ballroom dancing.