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Rumba Dance Lessons

The Rumba was at the beginning of the Cuban and Latin American dance crazes. Danced to music inspired by African rhythms and Spanish melodies, the Americanized Rumba was the basis for the Mambo and Cha Cha. In the U.S., Rumba rhythms have found their way into Country-Western, Blues, Rock & Roll, and other popular forms of music. Five Star certified dance instructors are here to provide the highest quality rumba dance lessons in the Indianapolis area.

The distinctive hip movement of Rumba, called the Cuban Motion, is one of the most important elements of this dance. Introduced in the Rumba, it is an important styling element in a number of popular Latin American dances. Call, email or drop in to any of our locations to get started with your rumba dance lessons today! Remember the hardest part is booking that lesson – we make it fun and easy! If you are nervous about beginning your Rumba Dance Lessons call any of the Indianapolis locations for reassurance!