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Top Ten Reasons why you should learn to Dance

Since the beginning of time on this big blue ball, people have danced. The reasons they dance are as varied as the known number of species that inhabit it; Celebration, achievement, special occasions, love, getting out of the shower, etc., – That's just a few, the list goes on. We humans have a natural inclination toward being close to, and interacting, with one another. Mix that tendency with music and what do you have?
You have dance!

Dancing is arguably one of those activities that is not only vital to the human condition, but will always be a part of our social fabric. It is one of those activities that simply cannot be avoided, nor should it be.
And if those weren't reasons enough, we thought we'd expound and list the top ten reasons that EVERYONE should learn to dance.

#10 – You can't avoid it, it's going to happen
We can think of no one that has never been to an event that includes dancing. School, family gatherings, weddings, vacations, nights out, etc., all involve dancing at one point or another, and each of us are certain to find ourselves attending many throughout our lives.
And at some point EVERYONE will be dragged out on the dance floor- It's likely already happened to you so you may as well get used to the idea. Rather than sit on the sidelines, why not learn how so that you can “work it” with the best of them?

#9 – Improves social interaction skills
Learning to dance will improve your ability to interact with others. Not only will you feel more comfortable in initiating those interactions, but you will also gain a better understanding of respectful interaction.
Although this is the best reason to get teenagers involved in dance, it is very useful on an adult level as well. Dancing etiquette throughout the ages has helped define and enforce proper treatment of others. Dancing helps us work within those socially accepted norms and renders us less likely to faux pas based on the lack of those skills.

#8 – It builds confidence
Many a philosopher has recognized that knowledge instills confidence. Thus, it stands to reason that the knowledge of how to dance, leads directly to confidence on the dance floor.
But it doesn't stop there- Learning to dance well also helps one feel comfortable in their own skin and this translates well beyond the dance floor. Studies have shown that a higher level of comfort a person has in social interactions; the more likely they are to be successful. Learning to dance is one of the simplest, most effective confidence building exercises there is.

#7 – Improves your coordination / rhythm

Let's face it. Many of us are klutzes. Most of us have a problem knowing our right foot from our left. Learning to dance helps overcome this affliction. The dance steps we learn in our lessons help us to have more control over our bodies and more physically fluent. And of course, this plays right into the hands of gaining that confidence mentioned above.
In addition, those that believe they have no sense of rhythm are sure to find themselves following along to that very thing they believe has eluded them all those years. Dancing is set to time, rhythm is as well. Dancing helps you zero in on it. Yes, it will speak to you!

#6 – Dancing will increase your enjoyment of music.

Speaking of rhythm, once you learn that you can recognize and enjoy keeping time, many dance students report that their enjoyment of all types of music followed. Of course this is especially true for the music associated with the style of dance they have decided to learn, but it extends to a much wider variety as they become more familiar with the art of dance. Students usually find that when they listen to different types of music they begin thinking about dance steps that may translate well to it. A deeper appreciation for that beat occurs naturally.

#5 – Increase your fitness / activity level
We don't think that anyone would argue that becoming more physically active is bad for you. We all know that the opposite is true and dancing is just that, increased physical movement- e.g., exercise. Exercise is the key to healthier living and weight loss. The best part is that you are not mindlessly staring at a wall or television screen while doing so. You are interacting, moving and generally enjoying the time!

#4 – It strengthens your relationships
There is simply no better reason to get involved with an activity that would bring couples together, than, well.. to get couples together- or, to keep them together for that matter!
Fortunately, dancing is one of those unique activities that ensure complete participation of both parties. And the adventure that is learning to dance, is just the beginning. What is that old saying? ‘A couple that dances together, stays together'? Something like that :-).

#3 – It's a big club
As we've learned, dancing is universal. No matter where one travels, there are always groups available centered around dancing. That means that there are ready-made communities that a dancer can become involved in no matter where they reside or land. And, as a dancer, you are likely to meet some of the finest people you will ever meet- People that you will share a common interest with and that common interest will allow you to quickly forge lasting friendships.

#2 – It's fun!
Show us a person that does not believe dancing is fun, and we'll show you a person that has never learned how to dance. The mere knowledge of how to properly perform an activity eases any and all discomfort in performing said activity. When discomfort does not exist, the activity naturally becomes more enjoyable and, so it is with learning how to dance.
Fortunately, FUN is also contagious. When you, or your partner, are enjoying themselves, the effect is that the enjoyment level of those around them will rise as well. Who doesn't want to have a good time?

And the #1 reason to learn how to dance? (insert drumroll here)

#1 – The opposite sex!
Of course we saved the best for last!
In our extensive experience, research and testing, we dare estimate that hundreds upon hundreds of millions of relationships owe their beginning to a dance floor. And that's certainly a conservative estimate. It's also true that you only get one chance at a first impression.

Guys, let's talk here for a moment… The next chance you have to ask a large group of women if they like to dance, rush back here and tell us all about the nearly 100% of arms that immediately shot up. You do know what that's telling you don't you? Don't you? If not, thanks for playing and Johnny has some lovely parting gifts for you
If you DO know what those hands are telling you, then you might want to get on the ball- Dance lessons? Yeah, that's your next move.

Gals, (the ones that raised their hand) who among you is not impressed by confidence and competence on the dance floor? Who among you desires to match those qualities? That's right, you do. Time for you to get on a program!

Now we're talking to both of you– Given all of these reasons above, could you possibly have a reason to NOT learn how to dance? Of course not. If you wish to make your time on this earth count, there is literally no excuse worthy to keep you from taking dance lessons, and learning how to dance well.