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Mambo Dance Lessons

In the 1940's Americans became fascinated by Latin American rhythms. The original Mambo music, El Guardia, had its beginning in 1944 as a Rumba with a riff improvisation. The Mambo combined American Jazz with the Afro-Cuban beat. Arthur Murray Studios became famous for turning out some of the best Mambo dancers of the era. As the parent of Cha-Cha and Salsa, the Mambo is an exciting challenge for all dancers. We here at Five Star provide the highest quality mambo dance lessons.

The components of Mambo are rock steps and side steps, and foot styling includes points, kicks, or flicks. The Latin hip movement in Mambo dance is an important aspect of the dance. The overall flavor of the dance is contained in the translation of the word Mambo, which means “shake it” or “say it.”

Our Mambo dance lessons provided by certified dance instructors will have you dancing the mambo like a pro in no time. Call, email, or drop by to schedule your mambo dance lessons today! Remember first lesson is always free!