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Foxtrot Dance Lessons

In 1913, Harry Fox, a Vaudeville comedian, introduced a trot to a ragtime song in a Ziegfeld Follies that pushed all other trots into the background. Foxtrot became America's most popular dance and remains so to this day as the standard of social dances.The basic components of the Fox Trot are the walking steps and side steps. Crowded dance floors or nightclub conditions require that all three tempos be expressed with short steps. In larger ballrooms the slow Fox Trot is characterized by longer smooth, gliding steps, demanding ease of movement and control in order to give this dance an unhurried appearance. Five Star's certified dance instructors will provide you with the best quality foxtrot dance lessons in the Indianapolis area.

As always, couples or single dancers are welcome. Couples dance together, singles will be paired with dance instructors and of course, everyone's first-visit lesson is FREE. We encourage you to visit any one of our Indianapolis dance lesson studios to find out more. Or, simply fill out the form on this page and one of our representatives will contact you and help you get started with your foxtrot dance lessons.