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Ballroom dancing has been a fun way to connect

Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials, and welcome to Five Star Dance Studios! We are so pleased that you have chosen us to share your special day with you! As the wedding dance experts for over 40 years, we will make sure that your wedding dance is a moment that you will both cherish for the rest of your lives together! From choreography for your first dance, bridal party dances, to social dancing for your reception and beyond, we can make it all possible for you at Five Star Dance Studios.

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Couples dance lessons, at its core, is about partner connection. Just having skin-to-skin contact for longer then 20 seconds releases Oxytocin, a pleasure hormone, into the bloodstream.

Even more importantly, you are learning how to move with your partner, like a single unit. It’s about understanding what the other person wants on a level deeper then words.

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Always thought of the perfect relationship as a two-person team that supports each other perfectly (I’m practical like that). Likewise, dancing couples can rekindle romance (and look good) if each side focuses on their partner’s comfort. Partner dancing is also about building trust on the dance floor – trust that your partner can make you look better and dance more easily then you can on your own.

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Gender Stereotypes

Yes, the leader – who is typically a man – directs his follower – typically a lady – around the floor. But saying ballroom dancing perpetuates gender stereotypes is missing the dance floor for the dancers, so to speak. Ballroom dancing enforces positive stereotypes which build and rekindle romance in many people. For instance, many women like a man who is powerful and in control, so long as he uses it gently. And male leaders tend to like a lady who is light, responsive, and adds her own embellishments to the dance, as long as she doesn’t steal his show. Ballroom dancing allows men and women to relate to each other in a way that is more then traditional: It is primal. But it should never be disrespectful.

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The Feel of a Dance

The movement and emotions that movement carries changes with each dance, from the fire and passion of the tango, to the fun flirtatious snap of the Cha Cha. Unlike solo dances, the feel of the dance is shared by both partners, as they add their creativity to make something that is uniquely theirs. Few things can rekindle romance faster then realizing your partner can make you feel more excited/romantic/sexy then anyone else.