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Country Western Dance Lessons

Many types of dances are done to country western music and are some of the most popular styles of dance today. Western couple dancing is a form of social dance. Dances unique to County Western are: The Two Step, Cowboy or Traveling Cha Cha, Waltz, and Schottische. Western promenade dances such as; West Coast Swing, East Coast Swing, and Nightclub Two Step are also unique to country western dancing. Five Star certified dance instructors are here to provide the highest quality country western dance lessons and line dancing in the Indianapolis area.

Country dancing is informal featuring a quiet upper body and very little hip movement. Country western dancing is more than likely to feature a flat-footed glide with some heel and toe touches rather than a lot of “toe type” dancing. The Cowboy, or “country” waltz is made up of gliding steps that work well while wearing cowboy boots, rather than “balls of the feet” quick steps of the classic variation. Neither foot is lifted completely from the ground. Steps are more of a light footed glide rather than a flat footed shuffle. There are many versions of each dance and they may go by different names depending on geographic location and dance halls. Indy Five Star’s Dance instructors are proficient in each type of popular variations of CW dance and Country Western Dance lessons and are as eager to get you on the dance floor as you are to kick it!

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