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Cha Cha Dance Lessons

When one hears the word ballroom, Cha-Cha isn't too far behind. Now you can learn this popular Latin dance in Indianapolis! This creative variation of the Mambo is one of the many lessons we offer here at Five Star Dance Studios. With its easy one-two and one-two-three rhythm, even non-dancers can stand up and take the dance floor. It's one of the most fun dances in the ballroom. The flirty, playful, and sassy movements are reminiscent of two lovers sharing the excitement of their first kiss. While the story behind this dance may be youthful, the movement is perfect for dancers of all ages. Our certified dance instructors are here to provide the highest quality Cha Cha dance lessons in the Indianapolis area.

Enjoy this easy to learn dance under the tutelage of experts. Our instructors are experienced and well-trained professionals, able to teach you how to dance the cha cha in classes with those of varying talents. We have classes for beginners looking for a new experience, amateurs who want to learn more, and experts who need new challenges in dancing. Don't let the opportunity to learn this energetic dance pass you by. Our spacious Indianapolis dance studios are located in prime areas, making them accessible to people all over the state. We try our best to accommodate everyone hoping to learn the cha-cha. You can join the group classes or set up a private lesson with one of our instructors.
You'll be impressive on any dance floor when you learn this simple ballroom dance. In just a few short Cha Cha dance lessons, you can Cha Cha like a pro! Don't worry about your two left feet. Here at Five Star Dance Studios, we can turn any wallflower into the life of the dance floor. You might even discover a passion you never knew you had!

We don't just offer Cha Cha dance lessons. You can also learn to tango, swing, and do the salsa. Browse our website and contact us to reserve your slots. Don't wait until you're invited to a shindig- Learn to dance today!
As always, couples or single dancers are welcome. Couples dance together, singles will be paired with dance instructors and of course, everyone's first-visit lesson is FREE. We encourage you to visit any one of our Indianapolis dance lesson studios to find out more. Or, simply fill out the form on this page and one of our representatives will contact you and help you get started.