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, Five Star Dance Studios

Introductory Dance Program

Five Star Dance Studios is the largest adult dance studio in the Midwest offering the best ballroom dance lessons by certified staff! Having been
established over forty years ago, we continue to provide the best ballroom dance lessons for dancers of all levels. We offer intensive adult dance lesson programs tailored to improve not only your dancing abilities, but to also
develop socialization and cooperation skills.

, Five Star Dance Studios

General Variety Dance Programs

This instructional dance program is designed to introduce you to the first few patterns of the dances you will likely use immediately, so that you will be prepared to begin dancing to your favorite music and at your favorite venues. The focus of these lessons will be foot position, lead/follow, and rhythm/timing. Most of our students find that this program meets immediate needs and creates a good foundation for continuing students.

, Five Star Dance Studios

Associate Bronze Dance Programs

When it comes to Indianapolis Ballroom, this is the program for beginner students to build on the foundation laid in the General Variety Program. Many of our students say they’d like to dance like the people on Dancing With The Stars, or they come to us with any number of other goals for their dancing. Associate Bronze is the first leg of the yellow brick road to becoming the type of dancer they’d like to be.

, Five Star Dance Studios

Full Bronze Dance Programs

When students complete our Full Bronze dance program, they are entirely competent social dancers. They’ll feel comfortable dancing to the vast majority of music played. The gentlemen will be able to lead most ladies, with the ladies able to follow most men. There is a noticeable difference in a student’s posture, from prior to dancing, when one becomes a Full Bronze Dancer. They carry themselves with pride and self-confidence on the dance floor, and they’ve earned it. If dance levels could be compared to college, Full Bronze would be equivalent to a bachelors degree Ballroom Dance.

, Five Star Dance Studios

Silver Dance Programs

Our Silver students are on their way to completing the highest level of social dance. Many steps you’ve seen on shows like ABC TV’s Dancing With The Stars and FOX television’s So You Think You Can Dance are Silver level steps. Upon completing this level of dance, you won’t just be competent, you’ll be turning heads! You’ll be able to truly move around any of the ballrooms in the Indianapolis area, and look great doing it. Compared to college, silver would be equivalent to a masters degree in Ballroom Dance.

, Five Star Dance Studios

Gold Dance Programs

Gold is the crème de la crème of ballroom dancing. This is for dancers who are interested in dance exhibitions, performances, or competition. You’ll focus on an advanced level of styling, technique, expression, and choreography. After completing our Gold Dance Program you are part of an elite group of dancers. Gold could be likened to earning a Doctorate in Ballroom Dance.

, Five Star Dance Studios

Event Programs

We also understand that there are many events in a person’s life that warrant an interest in dancing. Cruises, weddings, vacations, formal events (like prom, class reunions, etc), and many more are common reasons why students come into our dance school. We want to prepare you for what you want — not just for ballrooms in Indianapolis, but for your first dance as a married couple, for dancing Salsa in the Caribbean, or to show off to your friends at any event that includes dancing.

, Five Star Dance Studios

Gold Bar and a Gold Star Level Programs

Five Star Dance also offers a Gold Bar and a Gold Star level programs, in addition to a full line of international style dancing. Call today to see why Indy Five Star Dance has the best dance lessons in Indianapolis, Indiana!

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