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How to Keep the Spark Alive

February 23, 2021

The holidays are over and that means one thing – it’s almost Valentine’s Day! Love is in the air whether you enjoy celebrating the romantic holiday or not. Regardless of how long you and your significant other have been together, this time of year often brings out all the feels. If your relationship has hit a snag, however, it can be challenging to reignite the spark that brought the two of you together. No matter if you are in the beginning of a new relationship, or have been married for many years, and no matter if you are in a honeymoon phase or if the fire has started to dwindle, ballroom dancing can bring you and your significant other closer than ever.

Physical Activity

Dancing, especially fast dances like Cha Cha and Swing, are going to get your heart rate up. Increased heart rate releases endorphins, and endorphins make people happy. This happiness while dancing will allow any tension that may be present – either from a long day at work, a recent argument with your partner, or anything else that may be bothering you – start to melt away. The exercise you both get during a lesson helps you leave the studio feeling better physically and mentally than when you got there!

Date Night

Going dancing gives you some time away from work, kids, and all the other stresses of life. It’s a chance to have date nights again! Even if you aren’t the best dancers, it gives you that time together to just be present with each other and have fun learning something new. While you are dancing together, you will be forced to touch each other and look in each other’s eyes. This is ultimately spark a connection that may or may not have been missing for some time. Reconnecting with each other will bring back the romance! The physical connection in ballroom is how we communicate with each other while we dance, and while we learn how to communicate physically, our verbal communication also improves. This allows your relationship to grow simply by being more open with your partner.


Challenges are often looked at as negative. In this case, they’re good! When you and your partner overcome a challenge together, such as conquering a frustrating move or learning a new dance, it strengthens your bond. You accomplished something together, because to successfully dance ballroom, both partners need to perform their part. You did something together and can celebrate together, too! The other side of challenges is the frustration that comes with it. This is still a benefit in the long run because it often leads to vulnerability. We need to show our weaknesses to our partners, as difficult as that can sometimes be, to continue to build and strengthen your bond. You can help each other through the challenges and then be there to celebrate the victories!

How do we get started?

We are currently offering a Valentine’s Day Special which includes 4 private lessons and 1 group class for only $95. It’s the perfect gift for a couple fun date nights to spice up your relationship this spring. Talk to your instructor or call one of our locations for full details and to purchase today!

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