Dance Styles

A Brief Introduction of Dance Styles

Since the dawn of formalized dance, known to have been just before the start of the 17th century, man has orchestrated and derived several varieties of informal dancing styles into a sophisticated setting. These forms of dance have evolved over time to what we know today as the infamous types of ballroom dancing.


Types of Ballroom Dance Styles

The world of ballroom dancing has been known to follow many different types of dance moves. Some of the most popular forms of both professional and representational dance styles include: the Waltz, the Foxtrot, the Bolero, the Merengue, the Quick Step, the Jive, the Tengo, the Samba, the Salsa, the Rumba and the Merengue. Some of the newer styles of ballroom dance include the Hustle and the Cha Cha.


Classification of Ballroom Dance Styles

Typical ballroom dance styles fall into the the category of the International Standard; however, other types of ballroom dance styles may fall into the categories which include: the Latin Standard, Formation, Show Dance, American Smooth and American Rhythm.